What is the development prospect of the bathroom industry?

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In fact, no matter what industry, has its own period of time, growth, maturity, decline. From the overall data, the sanitary ware industry is growing every year. From the data, it belongs to the growth period, but for the veteran who has been in the sanitary ware industry for many years, it is really the late mature period.

First of all, the development of sanitary ware in the city is good. When Beijing first solved the problem of dry toilets, it was the growth period of sanitary ware industry. At that time, the Mediterranean Sea, the wave whale, the British emperor, many factories are the phenomenon of robbing people, can do painting, can do carpentry, can do mold workers are popular industries; But with the rapid growth of nearly a decade, the supply of sanitary ware has been full in the city. About 15 years ago, many Sanitary Ware brands are facing the danger of reshuffle. But is there no market for sanitary ware? Yes, China's western and rural areas are markets. Many places in Western China are dry toilets, and there are also toilets in rural areas. However, the consumption capacity has not yet been raised, so the market development is very slow; But will the bathroom have no future? There are still some, but there are not many that can be developed. First of all, the smart toilet. But at present, the market is very chaotic. We have seen a smart toilet with a purchase price of 899, and a smart toilet with a purchase price of 2W. If you say it's not chaotic, let alone sanitary ware, you can see the price difference of building materials. It can scare people to death. I spent 14W to decorate a house myself, 22W for my colleagues, 6W for my neighbors.

It's not that the cheaper things are, the better. The value is there. Who can grasp the consumers' ideas, who can control the quality, and who can hope not to be eliminated.